Your First and Final Choice for Accurate, Secure and Timely Data

       We offer World class web based solutions that meet the needs of different businesses.  

     We seamlessly infuse technology into our clients’ daily processes without the typical downtime or learning curve experienced by other solutions.

Our solutions deliver value to stakeholders thus guaranteeing a return on investment.  

   Our delivery, maintenance and partnership model, reduces risk, creates trust and builds confidence by our Clients.


About Us

COURE software and systems limited also known as COURE Technologies inc. is a business process automation firm.

COURE provides turnkey platforms and solutions for businesses. We focus on the proper implementation of technology to improve Client's business process and operations by automating repeatable functions and activities. This automation helps Clients save time and money and also allows for growth without a significant increase in resources used to manage the growth.


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What We Offer



Our banking services are intended for banks and financial institutions and their customers. We securely provide accurate, timely and relevant  information on customers to the banks which ensures accurate marketing and service provision along with fraud free transactions. 


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Our Telecom services are designed for Mobile Network Operators, Telecom service providers, VAS providers, Content providers and subscribers.With a distributed and easily scalable architecture, our platform is the answer to support and expand the market.


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Our enterprises solutions cover the spectrum of our Clients requirements. From Vendor and Tender management with our Tendersvault solution to Enterprise resource planning with our Coure One platform.



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Query Platform


All Number Query provides easy and quick access to information on various number/data resources.Our centralization of and access to large volumes of diversified data along with our processing capacity and intelligent algorithms has enabled us to build and apply real-time analytics on data that is being searched against or provided thus enabling more intelligent decisions and timely responses to business opportunities. 


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