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Today’s global economy is powered by technology. it is hard to imagine any financial organization that does not rely on technology to serve its customers, transact with partners and enable employees to work effectively and efficiently. Technological advancements while enabling scalability have led to an increase in communication channels, flexibility in service consumption and fraudulent activities. To ensure financial organizations retain the trust of their customers and partners, our platform ensures proper more efficient and accurate service delivery to customers through the following services:


Our Telecom services are designed for the telecom value chain including Mobile Network Operators, Aggregators, VAS providers, Content providers and subscribers. With a distributed and easily scalable architecture, our platform is the answer to support and expand the market. Our solution offers a multi-channel platform for receipt and distribution of data by the Telco’s and Content providers along with access to accurate, secure, relevant and timely information by subscribers.

Telecommunication solutions developed by COURE help companies succeed in their communication revolution by providing tools and expertise to help our clients reach out to their customers and facilitate their outreach. We enable our client focus on services creation delivery not the technology behind it 


Automation of business processes is a way of ensuring higher productivity, increased performance and accuracy, reliability, availability and reduction in operating cost. To eliminate the manual process of policy verification, claims filing and pre or post authorizations among others, our ISG platform provides the opportunity for insurance organizations to bring better services, more service choice and lower prices in order to satisfy their customers.

Insurance Service Gateway (ISG) provides a wide range of services such as:

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