Banking Services

Our banking services are intended for banks and financial institutions and their customers. We securely provide accurate, timely and relevant  information on customers to the banks which ensures accurate marketing and service provision along with fraud free transactions. The solution also enables clients directly integrate and reconcile their banking transactions with their internal ERP and accounting systems while providing central reporting and analysis of activity to the banks.


 Fraud Prevention


We offer fraud prevention services that detect and alert of suspicious activity in banking transactions thus minimizing losses, optimizing efficiencies, and protecting customers from fraud. We help you achieve faster and more effective fraud detection and higher visibility of exposure across channels, leading to: Increased customer retention, Reduced financial loss, Protection of brand and reputation.




Our One-Time Password (OTP) Authentication service generates highly secure one-time passwords ensuring that only properly authenticated users are authorized access to critical applications and data.
Authentication can be managed through a temporary OTP generated each time a customer wants to log in or with a password set during registration. OTP securely authenticates a user for a single login or session.

 Know Your Customer (KYC)  


Customer Identification and validation is vital for banking, our services offer a simple way to clean and validate large number databases. We ensure that the number is Valid by identifying the status (if active or inactive) and network location of every mobile number inputted against a customer’s profile. This validation helps to reduce marketing and customer communication costs through reduction in repeat calls and undeliverable messages.



 Transaction Notification  


Bank customers can receive their bank transaction notifications directly into custom or standard banking applications with increased security while reducing reconciliation time and error. The solution also offers a web GUI for viewing accounts and transactions from multiple banks and accounts.

 Location Services   

Our Location service enables financial institutions use their customer’s geolocation information to provide relevant services. Data can be used to validate financial transactions to reduce fraud, perform market analysis and to determine best locations for service centers and branches all of which are important when making informed business decisions on resource allocation for optimal customer service provision.