Telecom Services

Our Telecom services are designed for Mobile Network Operators, Telecom service providers, VAS providers, Content providers and subscribers. With a distributed and easily scalable architecture, our platform is the answer to support and expand the market. Our solution offers a multi-channel platform for distribution of data by the Telco’s and Content providers along with access to accurate, secure, relevant and timely information by subscribers.



 Query Service     


Our Query services gives you instant verification of number types, networks that subscribers are on their active status and other relevant data over a variety of communication channels (API, ENUM, FTP and GUI) with responses in milliseconds.

 Content Management    


We manage all forms of content including voice, videos, text, image etc. Our solution includes the ability to track subscriptions, distribution of the content, archiving and billing just to name a few.

Content providers can rely on our platform to reduce their operating cost, simplify their processes and ensure a quicker ROI all with reduced risk.

 Content Delivery  


Our multi-channel platform accurate, secure and timely delivery of data and services such as Bulk-SMS/MMS, Voice and Video Broadcast campaigns as well as Interactive Inbound / Outbound Voice, Video, SMS, MMS, Social media (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram etc.), Web, Email and USSD Services.  Where customization is required, we are able to deliver by calling Client API's to enable faster integration into internal platforms.



 Service Hub  


The Service Hub provides an unmatched flexible and powerful platform to enable Service Providers create and manage service subscription by clients.  The solution seamlessly ties into the content management and delivery platform ensuring a wholistic yet simplified solution for service creation, delivery and management by the content provider and client.

 The solid and comprehensive set of Operation, Administration and Management tools also enables the subscriber to search, register, pay for and receive the content in whatever format they choose ensuring total satisfaction.

 Payment / Revenue assurance   


We provide secure payment methods for service subscriptions and distribution.  Our platform helps track services being provided, costs and income associated with it and all from a central easy to use environment.

The Revenue assurance module helps Value added service and content providers ensure compliance with their distribution agreements and costs, without the hassle of generating and auditing multiple logs from disparate systems.



 NMS is a web-based numbering resource management solution essentially developed for service providers to help with the management of numbers, their allocation and retrieval of the numbers and details associated with the number types and the owners of those numbers. It simplifies number resource allocation and re-allocation processes through automation.




 With our DND platform Clients can check to confirm the status of subscriber’s phone numbers before sending broadcasts. Subscribers can register to either block unsolicited messages and/calls, or allow specific broadcast. This is an initiative by the Regulatory Authority of Nigeria to save consumers from unsolicited SMS/calls.